SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Copper Galaxy Art Glass Award
Copper Galaxy
Item No. 1187

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Metal oxides are fumed and spun onto a gather of hot glass creating the effect of a spinning galaxy containing
a billion stars.

The design is inspired by the 1997 movie Men in Black where a tiny galaxy is contained in a marble ornament hanging from "Orion's Belt."

The design is cased in crystal clear glass and a facet is cut creating a window for peering into the cosmos.

The window allows the design elements to be viewed as two distinct images:

One is a magnified view using the magic of refraction provided by the curvature of the globe.

The other is a direct view of the spinning galaxy.

"Great, thanks for the quick turn around."

Martin Hoover, Empire Heating & Air, Decatur, GA

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