SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Blue Fountain Orb Art Glass Award
Blue Fountain Orb
Item No. 1370

A gather of molten glass is hand sculpted and fumed with a translucent blue veil.

A second gather of clear is applied over the first and shaped into an orb which is also fumed with a
translucent veil.

A hollow air space is then inserted into the middle of the fountain simulating a splash before casing the design in crystal clear glass.

This treatment creates the effect of a fountain erupting
from the center of the design.

Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) is considered the cradle of civilization. Archeological discoveries there have identified fountains that date as far back as the 3000 BC.

An early example is preserved in a carved Babylonian basin cut from solid rock dating from this period (see second image from the left).

"The 24 pieces arrived today and are beautiful! Thank you so much for your dedication."

Walter Beier, Unisys, Blue Bell, PA

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