SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Pearl Comet Art Glass Award
Pearl Comet
Item No. 1375

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A frozen Comet hurtles through space illuminated by highly charged ions.

The design is created in reverse by gathering molten glass and applying cobalt fumes in two separate layers. The design is then cased in crystal clear glass.

A self illuminating opalescent pearl finish is applied to the exterior and a window is cut and polished completing the effect. The price includes an engravable marble presentation base.

The Stardust spacecraft launched in 1999 took detailed pictures of a comet's out-gassing jets which are able to
lift large chunks of rock from the comet's surface.

When slower comets encounter supersonic solar winds
a bow shock is formed at the comets leading edge. This causes cometary ions to load the solar magnetic field
with plasma which forms the comets distinctive ion tail.

"We received the shipment on Wed in time and it looks AWESOME. thanks again for all your help and willingness to expedite this!!!"

Brian Jennings, IBM BCS SAP Alliance, Miami, FL

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