SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Blue Frost Fountain Art Glass Award
Blue Frost Fountain
Item No. 1404

A gather of molten glass is sculpted and fumed with a translucent blue veil. A second gather is applied over the first which is also receives a fume.

An air space is added simulating a splash before casing the design in crystal clear glass.

After annealing, the exterior receives a frost finish for self illumination before a viewing window is cut and polished.

In Provence France, a typical village fountain consisted of a pipe from a spring at a higher elevation than the fountain.

The water from the spring ran down to the fountain then up a tube into a bulb-shaped stone vessel.

The inside of the vessel was filled with water just above the mouths of the spouts. This created a siphon, so that the fountain ran continuously without pumps.

"Wow! They are gorgeous. We are really happy! Each one is so unique and amazing! Please extend our thanks to the staff and craftsmen for the artistry that made the awards so special. Glass blowing just blows my mind. :) All the best from Beaverton."

Charla Chamberlain, Vision Action Network, Beaverton, OR

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