SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Cobalt Mirror Fountain Art Glass Award
Cobalt Mirror Fountain
Item No. 1415

A gather of molten glass is hand sculpted and fumed with a translucent blue veil. A second gather of clear is applied over the first which is also fumed.

This treatment creates the effect of a fountain erupting
from the center of the design.

A hollow air space is then inserted into the middle of the two fountains simulating a splash before casing the design in crystal clear glass which receives a silver mirror finish.

After annealing, the entire sculpture is ground flat on one side in multiple steps to a high polish.

By the middle Renaissance, fountains had become a form of theater, with cascades and jets of water coming from marble statues of animals and mythological figures.

The most famous fountains of this kind were found in the Villa d'Este near Rome. One of its fountains produced music by pouring water into a chamber which forced air into a series of flute-like pipes.

The gardens also featured giochi d'acqua, water jokes, hidden fountains which suddenly soaked visitors.

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