SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Blue Rainbow Fountain Art Glass Award
Blue Rainbow Fountain
Item No. 1419

A gather of molten glass is pulled from the crucible and sculpted into the shape of a fountain.

The sculpture is fumed with a mix of rare metals and cobalt then irridized in the furnace producing a
shimmering dichroic in a rainbow of colors.

An air space simulating a splash is added before casing the design in crystal clear glass.

After annealing, the design is ground flat on two sides and polished to a high finish.

Under the Medici's in Italy, fountains were symbols of the power and benevolence of the city's rulers.

The great Medici Villa featured two monumental fountains showing a bronze Hercules slaying Anteus, symbolizing Cosimo's victories over his enemies.

A second fountain displayed a bronze Venus.

Since the planet Venus is governed by Capricorn, (the emblem of the Medici's), the fountain symbolized
Cosimo's absolute mastery of Florence.

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