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Burgundy Python Art Glass Award
Burgundy Python
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Ball Pythons are so named because they curl into a ball when disturbed. Burgundy and White glass make up the scales and body of our Python.

Bubbles are added for dimensional interest and the design is cased in crystal clear glass.

The Ball Python is revered in the traditional religion of the Igbo people of southeastern Nigeria. Ball Pythons live in mixed grassland and savanna.

Like most pythons, Ball Pythons are curious and gentle. This series of Pythons were inspired by our studio mascot "Crystal" who is a brown Ball Python.

Ball Pythons are raised in a variety of colors and patterns including Lavender, Honey, Lemon, Pewter and Toffee.

The Burgundy Python is a rare color: See the first image to the left and the other examples.

"Thank you for creating it. We are having it photographed right now. It is just beautiful."

Diane Mahan, Klundt Hosmer, Spokane, WA

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