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Event Horizon Art Glass Award
Event Horizon
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Our Event Horizon is an artistic impression of a binary system consisting of a black hole and a main sequence star. We use sparkling dichroic fumes and a special bubble ring sculpting technique.

Our Black Hole draws in matter via an accretion disk where some of the matter is being ejected in a particle jet at near light speed.

Black Hole's are regions in space where gravitational fields are so powerful nothing, including light, can escape.

Black Hole's reveal themselves through interactions with other matter such as gas falling in from a companion star.

The gas spirals inward, heating up to extremely high temperatures and emitting large amounts of radiation visible to earthbound and orbiting telescopes.

Black Holes generally have the accumulated mass of
17 billion suns. A Supermassive Black Hole can have hundreds of thousands to billions of solar masses.

The Hubble image to the left shows a particle jet traveling at near the speed of light, emanating from a black hole in the center of a galaxy.

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