SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Indigo Monarch Athena Art Glass Award
Indigo Monarch Athena
Item No. 1510

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Majestic blown glass vase with a indigo (robins egg) blue glass matrix framing topaz in the pattern of a Monarch Butterfly wing.

Finished in our Athena vase styling the price includes an engravable marble presentation base.

The name "Monarch" was first published in 1874 by Samuel Scudder because "it is one of the largest butterflies and rules a vast domain."

The length of Monarch migrations exceeds their lifespan (two months) requiring several generations to complete.

Monarch's are capable of transatlantic crossings and are now common in Bermuda, Great Britain, and New Zealand.

"I just returned from vacation and heard some comments of how appreciative the Board was for the job done by your company on the award. Thank you for fast tracking this and thank whomever for the great job."

Anne Fees, Glen Ivy Hot Springs, Corona, CA

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