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ASI# 75593

Pacific Agave Art Glass Award
Pacific Agave
Item No. 1650

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Our Agave collection is inspired by the legendary plant of the desert southwest.

Pacific blue, pastel greens and yellow glass make up the body of the Agave. The leaves are tipped with the signature Agave spike and cased in crystal clear glass.

The Agave has been used for centuries as sugar, aloe, soap, tea, medicine, pens, nails, needles, string, even musical instruments: the Didgeridoo.

Its most popular use is in the production of a distilled spirit called Mezcal also known as Tequila. By international law 100% Blue Agave Tequila can only be produced in certain Mexican states without exception.

"You're the best! Thanks for the prompt work. This is just another reason I love working with you."

Joe Walters, West Basin Municipal Water District, Carson, CA

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