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ASI# 75593

Arctic Flame Urchin Art Glass Award
Arctic Flame Urchin
Item No. 1662

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Hand sculpted Sea Urchin shell in arctic blue and crimson glass. The design is cased in crystal clear glass for added dimension.

This enormously popular design includes an engravable marble presentation base. Other base configurations are available on request.

Our Sea Urchin is modeled on the animals spherical hard shell. The bands in the shell are where the animals tube feet project, which it uses for mobility.

A Sea Urchins lifespan often exceeds 30 years and scientists have found specimens over 200 years old.

The earliest known Urchins (echinoids) are found in rocks 450 million years old.

"Got it today and it looks GREAT!! Thanks so much!!"

Mary Bass, United Devices, Austin, TX

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