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ASI# 75593

Amazon Art Glass Award
Item No. 1664

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Amazon USA Made Collectible Art Glass In Custom PMS Colors.

Jade, White and Pastel Blue glass are used in this natural teardrop shape.

Bubbles are added along the coils for added interest before the design is cased in clear glass.

One in ten known species live in the Amazon Rainforest making it the largest collection of living plants and animals in the world. One in five of all birds in the world live in the Amazon.

Plant diversity is also the highest on Earth. One square kilometer can contain over 75,000 different types of trees.

"I just returned from vacation and heard some comments of how appreciative the Board was for the job done by your studio on the award. Thank you for fast tracking this and thank whomever for the great job."

Anne Fees, Glen Ivy Hot Springs, Corona, CA

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