SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Suncloud Cauldron Art Glass Award
Suncloud Cauldron
Item No. 1723

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Sweeps of yellow and burnt orange clouds recreate the illumination of stratiform clouds at sunrise or sunset.

By applying the colored glass in layers then heating it to fusing temperature we work the colors into translucency.

A final layer of clear is applied adding depth and luminosity to the finished design.

The design captures an experience I had as a boy traveling Route 66 through Kingman, Arizona.

After spending the night I was roused early by a father who wanted to "hit the road."

When I stepped outside I witnessed a blanket of clouds illuminated yellow/orange with shades of purple by the rising sun. The vista is forever etched in my memory.

"Just wanted you to know we received the vase and base on Friday of last week and we were thrilled. It definitely was what we were looking for! I'm sure our customer will
be very pleased!"

Penelope Harrison, Cosmedico Light, Inc. Weymouth, MA

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