SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Diamond Ember Mercury Art Glass Award
Diamond Ember Mercury
Item No. 1730

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Blown glass vase of yellow and crimson glowing embers.

The design is finished in our Mercury vase styling and the price includes an engravable marble base.

Depicted in the vase wall are the hot coals used by ancient glassblowers to generate the intense heat required in glass making.

Ancient furnaces used bellows pumps to force oxygen into a coal bed to enhance combustion and intensify heat.

The oldest known bellows were in China 7,000 years ago which evolved into waterwheel driven air pumps of sewn animal skins.

Modern glass furnaces use combustible gas instead of coal but we still use air pumps to intensify heat.

"We received the award today from Fed Ex and it is beeeauutiful! Excellent work as always...please pass on the Thank you from us. We really love your work and working with you all! Have a great summer!"

Charla Chamberlain, Vision Action Network, Beaverton, OR

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