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Jade Monarch Athena Art Glass Award
Jade Monarch Athena
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Blown glass jade, blue and rust colored vase with a pattern inspired by the chrysalis phase of the Monarch Butterfly.

This version of our Monarch depicts the stage of reproduction where the Monarch Caterpillar spins a
silk pad on a twig or leaf then hangs inverted.

Hanging in this fashion the caterpillar molts, encasing itself in an articulated green exoskeleton as it metamorphoses into a butterfly. A day before it emerges, the chrysalis becomes transparent making its orange and black wings visible.

The name "Monarch" was first published in 1874 by Samuel Scudder because "it is one of the largest butterflies and rules a vast domain."

The length of Monarch migrations exceeds their lifespan (two months) requiring several generations to complete.

Monarch's are capable of transatlantic crossings and are now common in Bermuda, Great Britain, and New Zealand.

"We have received the award, and it is beautiful! Thanks for your help."

Kristin Rodriguez, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Houston, TX

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