SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Pacific Beachcomber Art Glass Award
Pacific Beachcomber
Item No. 1758

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White and deep blue granular colors are applied to one side of a molten gather of clear glass before returning to the furnace for fusing.

A uniform glass ball is blown and a subtle mirror finish is applied to enhance the pacific blue hue.

The finished piece is then drilled on the bottom for inserting beach sand, a variety of shells and starfish. Finally a glass foot is applied which permanently seals the design.

Mild shaking creates different scenes and the colored glass exterior produces highlights and shadows similar
to an underwater tide pool.

The first appearance of the term "beachcombers" was in Herman Melville's Omoo 1847 which described Europeans on South Pacific islands "combing" the beach for anything useful in trade. Most beachcombers were sailors who had jumped ship.

Archaeological beachcombing evidence distinguishes the activities of modern Homo Sapiens from ancestral Homo Erectus.

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