SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Neptune Art Glass Award
Item No. 1770

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The design uses a blend of colored glass in the hues of the Jovian planet along with fine metallic particles which add sparkle to the initial gather of molten glass.

The piece is then sculpted into the swirling bands of Neptune's storms before a final gather of clear is applied casing the planet inside.

After annealing, a facet is cut and ground to a high polish creating a window for peering into the cosmos.

The window provides two distinct views of the design:

A magnified view created by the magic of refraction provided by the curvature of the globe and a direct view through the window.

Neptune, the god of the sea in Roman mythology, has deep blue gas clouds that looked like great oceans to early astronomers.

Neptune, the first planet discovered by mathematical prediction, was found within 1 degree of its predicted location by telescope in 1846.

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