SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Spring Waterfall Art Glass Award
Spring Waterfall
Item No. 1771

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Spring Waterfall USA Made Collectible Art Glass In Custom PMS Colors.

The design is inspired by the melting of frozen waterfalls in early spring.

This process viewed close up reveals rippling flows of snow melt beneath frozen sheets which have been water polished into clear ice windows.

A gather of molten glass is first infused with a range of arctic blue, white and clear glass.

The waterfall effect is created by twisting portions of the glass mixture while reheating and blending the colors throughout the process.

A gather of clear casing glass is applied and the entire mix is brought up to temperature in the furnace.

The top portion of the design is then pulled into a modified teardrop which stretches the interior color elements, drawing them into translucency.

"My client received the sample, THEY ARE FREAKED OUT HOW AWESOME IT IS. She loved the size, the perfect shape and interior. She just spoke to me for 15 minutes about it. I love a happy client. I now need 46 more here is the updated PO for the increased quantity."

Tom Sidor, Brand On Promotional Group, Inc. Algonquin, IL

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