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ASI# 75593

Firefall Art Glass Award
Item No. 1772

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I grew up hearing stories of Yosemite's Firefalls until Dad took us to see the "waterfall made of fire."

Our Firefall sculpture commemorates those memories.

In 1872 James McCauley built the Glacier Point Mountain House in Yosemite National Park.

McCauley often built a campfire for his guests on the cliff jutting out over the valley where they talked and sang.

Before returning to the hotel, he would kick the embers
off the cliff which fell 3,000 feet to the valley floor.

The next day his boys would ride burros down the mountain and talk to visitors who would comment on
the fire:

"Mighty fine campfire your father had last night. Here's
two bits. Tell your Dad to make another firefall."

They would gather wood to make a larger fire, load the burros and lead them up the Four-Mile Trail.

Several generations of Glacier Point Hotel owner's performed the show at 9 pm every night for nearly
100 years (1872-1968).

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