SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Pineapple Art Glass Award
Item No. 1773

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By combining transparent citrine glass with threads of sparkling green aventurine, we are able to construct a sculpture that has the look and feel of freshly harvested pineapple.

The combinations of transparent color enables light to pass through the front and back of the sculpture illuminating the design while creating a similar structure to the fruits interior.

Pineapple is indigenous to South America originating in the area between southern Brazil and Paraguay.

Natives there spread the pineapple throughout South America eventually reaching the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico, where it was cultivated by the Mayas and Aztecs.

Columbus encountered the pineapple in 1493 on the leeward island of Guadeloupe and brought it back to Europe where the Spanish introduced it to Hawaii.

Among the most famous and influential pineapple growers was James Dole who moved to Hawaii in 1899 and started a 60 acre pineapple plantation in 1901 on the island of Oahu.

Today, Dole and the Maui Pineapple Company are the largest growers of pineapple in the United States.

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