SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Burgundy Art Glass Award
Item No. 1774

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Fused into the coils of this richly decorated design are burgundy and white colored glass chips with dark
banded accents.

Bubbles are added along the coils before casing the design in crystal clear glass. The entire sculpture is then reheated in the furnace and pulled into a natural teardrop shape.

The Burgundy is an evolution of our Ember #1668 which itself was created as a sculptural companion to the Glowing Embers Cauldron Vase #1440.

The sculptures namesake is the famous inland region of east-central France.

While Burgundy's vineyards are some of the most prestigious in the world it is also known for it's
exceptional castles, Roman era churches, canals,
lakes, forests and countryside.

The gentle landscapes, architecture and vast vineyard covered hillsides make this region of France one of the most visited in the world.

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