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Solar Storm Art Glass Award
Solar Storm
Item No. 1800

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A gather of clear molten glass is pulled from the crucible and a coating of yellow and burnt orange colors are applied.

The gather is returned to the furnace to heat fuse the colors. Solar storm features are then created by hand working the fused colors into a sweep around the globe before casing the design in crystal clear glass.

A Solar Flare is a giant explosion in the atmosphere of the Sun releasing proton storms of high energy particles that cause biochemical damage in astronauts.

On January 20, 2005 a flare released the highest concentration of protons ever measured.

The protons from this flare took only 15 minutes to reach Earth at one-third the speed of light.

It was thought that astronauts had two hours to take shelter but the 2005 event proved otherwise.

If you need blown glass awards and gifts for employee service recognition.

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