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ASI# 75593

Arctic Whirlpool Art Glass Award
Arctic Whirlpool
Item No. 1813

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Arctic Whirlpool USA Made Collectible Art Glass In Custom PMS Colors.

The design is inspired by the melting of frozen ice sheets during summer thaws in Greenland, the Arctic and Antarctica.

These enormous flows of ice blue water travel in channels cut in the snow and ice through passages thousands of feet below the surface.

A gather of clear molten glass is first fused with arctic blue and white glass.

The whirlpool effect is created by twisting portions of this colored glass mixture around a gather of clear while reheating and blending the colors during the process.

A gather of clear casing glass is applied then reheated in the furnace.

The top portion is pulled into a teardrop shape stretching the interior colors into translucency.

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