SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Arctic Pool Mercury Art Glass Award
Arctic Pool Mercury
Item No. 1822

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One of the transcendent qualities of art glass is its ability to transmit, refract, reflect and divide light into wavelengths of color.

This unique quality is shared with water in its liquid, frozen or gaseous states.

Rainbows are an example of this effect when natural light transmits through parcels of airborne water after the passing of a storm.

The Arctic Pool employs these unique qualities to create the images observed in liquid pools when light breezes create ripples across the waters surface.

Ice blue glass is first laid down in a pattern on a steel marver then picked up onto a gather of molten clear.

After fusing the color to the clear we heat the upper portion of the design and sweep the image by hand into the shoulder and neck of the vase.

The effect closely resembles the hypnotic experience of peering into a pool of water as light images play along the bottom.

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