SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Fireblaze Mercury Art Glass Award
Fireblaze Mercury
Item No. 1829

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Blown glass vase of flaming gas "bubbles" in our Mercury vase styling. The design depicts the phenomenon of low pressure free gas ignition.

By combining yellow and burnt orange glass chips we are able to produce a design that captures and magnifies ambient light.

The colored chips are picked up onto a gather of molten glass. The color is worked into the clear by pressing and rolling on a steel marver.

This combination of glass is then placed in a furnace which fuses them together at very high temperature.

The fused glass is then dipped into a furnace crucible of clear molten glass to apply a transparent layer over the color which adds depth to the design.

This variety of fused layers is then blown and stretched by swinging the design on the end of the blow pipe in an arc which pulls the colors into translucency.

The sum of these techniques produces a finished design with the luminous qualities of a burning flame.

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