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Blue Gold Macaw Art Glass Award
Blue Gold Macaw
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When searching for creative inspiration the richness and diversity of the natural world are hard to beat.

Sometimes nature is subtle like the soft pastels of the desert southwest or the purple/orange hues of a cloudy sunset.

Nature can also be bold and extravagant, an example of which is the tropical Blue Gold Macaw.

The Macaw seen in the images below is a large parrot that breeds in the forests and woodlands of South America.

There is also a breeding population in Miami-Dade County which is not surprising considering the climate and the popularity of these birds as pets.

They are intelligent social creatures which makes them good companions but with one unique caveat.

This was demonstrated for my wife when she was working as a college student in a local pet shop.

Her manager offered a Blue Gold Macaw the stores broom handle which the bird dutifully snapped with it's beak.

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