SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Neptune Art Glass Award
Item No. 1854

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The design begins with a combination of cobalt and white glass grains applied to a gather of clear molten glass.

The color is pressed and rolled into the clear on a steel marver then returned to the furnace for fusing.

A gather of clear is applied over the color for atmospheric depth then the design is twisted to draw the colors into a sweep around the circumference of the globe.

Neptune, the sea god of Roman mythology, has deep
blue gas clouds that looked like great oceans to early astronomers.

The planet's jet-stream pushes frozen clouds of natural gas to nearly 1,500 miles per hour which has puzzled scientists because Neptune receives only one nine hundredth the sunlight that reaches Earth.

Neptune was first discovered by mathematical prediction which was later confirmed by telescope within 1 degree of its predicted location in 1846.

Scientists still can't determine how internal heat left over from Neptune's formation is enough to drive the 700 mph winds of the Great Dark Spot seen in the third image on the left.

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