SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Jade Glen Mercury Art Glass Award
Jade Glen Mercury
Item No. 1856

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Jade, blue and woody brown combinations of colored
glass define the image sweeping across the face of
this richly colored design.

This interpretive blown sculpture recreates the visual impressions of strolling through an ancient windswept

Azure blue is used to express glimpses of sky visible through the forest canopy as woody branches bend
with the wind blowing through a glacial moraine.

The design is available in a variety of sizes and includes
an engravable marble presentation base.

Watkins Glen, in the third image on the bottom left, may be the most beautiful of these 10,000 year old Ice
Age gorges.

The area's main feature is a hiking trail with hundreds of stone steps that climb over, under, and along its waterfalls.

The trail is part of the 800 mile Finger Lakes system that runs throughout the state.

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