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Jade Sea Lantern Art Glass Award
Jade Sea Lantern
Item No. 1864

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Jade Sea Lantern USA Made Collectible Art Glass In Custom PMS Colors.

Jade, white and blue glass are applied to a gather of clear before fusing in the furnace.

Colors are blended then pressed into an optic mold before twisting to produce the fluid image that appears in the vase wall.

Filled with water and illuminated by a submersible light emitting diode a jade colored sea is projected outside the vase.

The lantern is a great banquet table centerpiece or room gift.

Place a lantern in the center of each table, turn on the LED and a pulsing light pattern is projected onto the table.

Subdue the lights in the banquet hall prior to people filing in for the full effect.

One seat at each table can have a ticket or card announcing that individual as the winner of the art glass centerpiece to take home.

The design is inspired by Lake Turkana in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya.

It is the world's largest permanent desert lake known as the Jade Sea from its deep greenish blue, aquamarine color.

If you need blown glass awards and gifts for employee service recognition.

If you want gallery quality art glass with heirloom value for recently promoted or retiring executives.

If you desire USA Made collectible fine art produced by acclaimed artists to elevate corporate and individual prestige.

We are an American Art Glass Studio.

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