SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Glacier Art Glass Award
Item No. 1871

Price Options:

Transparent arctic blue and snow white opaque glass are combined and fused onto a gather of clear.

The glacial ice effect is created by overlaying transparent color on the white solid color then casing the combination in clear.

The clear glass captures surrounding light and transmits it through the transparent blue layer then reflects off the white layer back through the blue.

This produces an effect similar to the depth, color and luminosity of glacier ice.

A black lip thread and clear foot complete the design which can be ordered with either tapered or square
marble presentation bases.

Glacier's can move up to 98 feet per day causing earthquake like seismic activity.

In Antarctica, two bursts of 7 magnitude seismic waves are released each day into the Ross Ice Shelf moving an area 60 by 120 miles 4.5 feet in 50 minutes time.

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