SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Sunset Beach Art Glass Award
Sunset Beach
Item No. 1877

Price Options:

Amber colored glass in a variety of sunset shades are applied to a gather of clear before fusing in the furnace.

Colors are blended around the circumference of the bowl
in the image of sunlit clouds.

This design is also available as a lantern (see Sunset Beach Lantern item #1861 in our Food and Gift Collection).

Filled with water and illuminated by a submersible light emitting diode an amber sunset is projected outside the vase onto the surrounding environment. (See third image below)

When illuminated, the transparent amber in the vase rim produces optical effects that change with your viewing angle.

Choose either white or color shifting diodes for a greater variety of images.

Available with or without an engravable marble base.

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