SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Crimson Flame Art Glass Award
Crimson Flame
Item No. 1896

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The dynamism of our new flame enables the design to be illuminated from the front or back creating two distinct images from one design.

We start with a clear molten orb which is flattened on two sides to provide a clear void between the crimson and bright canary yellow color pickups.

This combination of opaque and molten clear are fused and rolled against the steel marver which begins moving the colors in one direction.

The piece is then cut off the steel punty and picked up by another for a ninety degree axis change.

A casing of clear molten glass is applied over the color and the design is stretched like taffy producing translucent and opaque color threads.

A long reheat is applied and the now fluid combination is sheared down its new central axis creating two flame fingers which are pulled and twisted around each other.

A crease is bladed in across the bottom third of the face which traces the arc of the colored threads within completing the effect of a three dimensional live flame.

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