SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Glowing Ember Swirl Art Glass Award
Glowing Ember Swirl
Item No. 1900

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This is the first of an entirely new series of designs.

This is an adaptation of Rondelles which first appeared as a design elements in stained glass cathedral windows during the middle ages.

To make this version of the Rondelle we take molten glass and fuse it with the yellow and crimson colors of glowing embers.

The design is an homage to ancient glassblowers who used hot coals and bellows to generate the intense heat required in glass making.

All our Rondelles are available with engravable easels for table top display or wall hanging with engraved plates on gold chains: please specify which when ordering.

Bellows pumps force oxygen into a coal bed to enhance combustion and intensify heat.

The oldest known bellows were used in China 7,000 years ago which evolved into waterwheel driven air pumps of sewn animal skins.

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