SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Leopard Art Glass Award
Item No. 1908

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A substantial portion of our work involves custom designs and it is from this experimentation that new designs often emerge.

We never set out to produce the design you see to the left. It instead emerged from a series of color experiments.

The experience of art is best defined by the impressions and feelings it evokes.

This is why galleries and museums are organized as barren spaces to limit distractions that might diminish
or inhibit our experience.

We needed a name to describe what we had just created and after spending some time with the design it evoked a Leopard.

And while Leopards are stunning creatures in their natural habitat, they are no less compelling in our imaginations when recreated as fine art.

All our Rondelles are available with engravable easels for table top display or wall hanging with engraved plates on gold chains: please specify which when ordering.

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