SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Solar Storm Art Glass Award
Solar Storm
Item No. 1916

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This version of Rondelle utilizes optic molds and glass threading techniques to recreate the surface of the sun.

A base color of bright canary glass provides luminosity and contrast for the Solar Granule pattern which is overlaid with crimson.

All our Rondelles are available with engravable easels for table top display or wall hanging with engraved plates on gold chains: please specify which when ordering.

This Rondelle is modeled on images of the Sun's boiling plasma surface.

The center of the sun is 24.5 million degrees Fahrenheit and 10,000 degrees at the surface.

Our glass furnaces run at 2,200 degrees by comparison.

The Sun is gradually becoming brighter by 10% every billion years and its surface temperature is slowly rising.

In another billion years the surface of the Earth will become too hot to sustain liquid water, bringing an
end to terrestrial life. So mark your calendars...

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