SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Cathedral Art Glass Award
Item No. 1932

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In this example of our Cathedral Rondelle we combined opaque and transparent colors to produce a design that transmits light like a true cathedral stained glass window installation.

By placing this design near a window the interior design elements come alive revealing the depth and character of each unique sculpture.

One of the elements commonly found in cathedral glass and often mistaken for a spun Rondelle is the Roundel.

A Roundel is a round piece of glass that is either cut from the edge of a very large Rondelle or cut out of Broad Sheet flat glass.

Large Roundels (third image) were normally produced in sheet form by cutting open a blown tube of molten glass, laying it flat, then grinding and polishing both surfaces.

The resulting uniform flat surface enabled artists to paint their imagery in much higher resolution than would be possible with a spun Rondelle.

Since authentic natural imperfections are highly prized in fine art, Rondelles command a higher premium from buyers of antiquities and for building restorations.

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