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ASI# 75593

Tropical Splash Art Glass Award
Tropical Splash
Item No. 1943

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Tropical Splash USA Made Collectible Art Glass In Custom PMS Colors.

Glass is unique in its ability to manipulate light and color. Our Tropical Splash is an example of this transcendent quality.

Tropical Shipping has been serving the Bahamas and Caribbean for over 50 years.

They asked us to create designs for their gift and recognition programs that would serve as ambassadors for the company.

Inspiration for the designs were derived from the sky, water and fruit imagery of the tropics.

Glass layering and fusing techniques produced different image densities enabling light to refract through the glass
as it would through water.

Look closely and you'll see the effect in the bottom of the bowl.

The design can be be further enhanced by laying on clear threads for a prismatic effect as in the fourth image on the left.

Glass threads produce an unlimited variety of images and viewing angles with the depth, color and shimmer of a
tropical island paradise.

If you need blown glass awards and gifts for employee service recognition.

If you want gallery quality art glass with heirloom value for recently promoted or retiring executives.

If you desire USA Made collectible fine art produced by acclaimed artists to elevate corporate and individual prestige.

We are an American Art Glass Studio.

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