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ASI# 75593

Winter Canyon Art Glass Award
Winter Canyon
Item No. 1956

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By carefully selecting grains of colored glass we are able to simulate the rock spires of Bryce Canyon in Utah.

This is preceded by a layer of white powder fused at 1,800 degrees to simulate a blanket of winter snow.

The teardrop shape produces a variety of refracted images in the surrounding clear casing glass. See fourth image below.

On a ski trip to the Grand Tetons just outside Jackson Hole, Wyoming, we stopped at Bryce Canyon after a mid-winter snow storm.

The multicolored canyon rock formations I'd visited during the summer were even more spectacular with a contrasting blanket of fresh virgin snow.

The colorful rock formations that form the delicate spires of Bryce Canyon are called hoodoos laid down as sediments in a system of cool streams and lakes that existed
63 million years ago.

These rock formations are part of the Grand Staircase uplift that form Bryce Canyon, the Grand Canyon and Zion National Parks.

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