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ASI# 75593

Ruby Star Art Glass Award
Ruby Star
Item No. 1960

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Ruby Star USA Made Collectible Art Glass In Custom PMS Colors.

All the rare earth metals we use to color silica glass were created inside stars and distributed through the universe by super nova's.

Our Ruby Star rondelle uses transparent color rods over alternating layers of clear and opaque colored glass.

By applying the opaque and transparent colors in the proper sequence we are able to model the fire and depth
of a celestial star during its formation.

Viewed in a well lit room or near a window, light passes through the transparent ruby and reflects off the opaque
fire layers below; giving the design it's depth and luminosity.

I've added a Hubble star nursery image, star formation graphic and a series of sculpting highlights to the left.

The design represents a star in its early formative stage when dense interstellar clouds of hydrogen gas collapse into spheres of plasma which ignite into a searing hot
new celestial body.

If you need blown glass awards and gifts for employee service recognition.

If you want gallery quality art glass with heirloom value for recently promoted or retiring executives.

If you desire USA Made collectible fine art produced by acclaimed artists to elevate corporate and individual prestige.

We are an American Art Glass Studio.

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