SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Atlantic Curl Art Glass Award
Atlantic Curl
Item No. 1972

I wanted to create a wave design with the color and transparency of the cool Atlantic ocean.

Transparent cool blue frits are picked up at the bottom of a gather of clear glass.

The glass is worked into the clear on a marver to allow the heat wicking off the initial gather to fuse the blue and clear together.

Heat is then applied to allow the application of a virgin white powder which represents the foam of a breaking wave.

The piece is then sheared down it's central axis and twisted into curling interlocking waves just prior to the addition of a final casing gather of clear glass.

The transparency of the blue allows you to peer through the layers, providing a three dimensional view of the interior.

Each wave we make is completely unique, like all the waves on every beach across the globe.

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