SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Diamond Blaze Art Glass Award
Diamond Blaze
Item No. 1975

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The design is created by manipulating layers of clear and colored glass to produce a light gathering image of burning branches in a wildfire.

A discreet selection of granulated colored glass is picked up on a gather of clear then the combination is fused together in an 1,800 degree furnace.

After more color is added the process is repeated before pressing the entire collection into an optic mold to concentrate the lines of color.

Another gather of clear molten casing glass is added to refract light through the transparent color lines producing
a gem like luminosity.

The process of blowing and shaping the design then begins before finishing in our new mortar bowl styling.

This combination of color, layup and tooling is one of our most popular design treatments.

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