SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Painted Desert Art Glass Award
Painted Desert
Item No. 1981

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The Earth's surface composition occupies a unique place in glass art design.

While researching concepts for a new design I discovered an image from a road trip my father and I took to the painted desert in Arizona.

The strata of painted deserts are unique for the segregated mineral layers that create these profusions of color.

The visible bands of color in the images on the left vary in thickness from a few millimeters to a mile or more.

The chemistry we use to produce molten glass in all its forms derive from the same minerals contained in the earths strata.

These landscapes demonstrate the intrinsic beauty of the raw materials we use as revealed here in their natural form.

The color, beauty and grandeur we associate with art has always derived from the earth...and often imitates it.

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