SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Harlequin Art Glass Award
Item No. 1983

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Aqua blue and citrine colored glass are used in this teardrop version of the Harlequin's diamond pattern costume.

Harlequin imagery has been used in opera, theater, cinema, literature, art and music for centuries.

Today Harlequins are common at New Orleans Mardi Gras celebrations as well as in modern pop culture:

The Jokers sidekick in DC Comics Batman is Harley Quinn who wears a clown costume.

Director Tim Burton created a Demon with Harlequin patterned skin in his feature film The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Some of the best known examples of the Harlequin imagery are the great canvas and oil interpretations of
this character.

Examples include the works of Picasso, Cezanne and Degas in a variety of interpretive styles.

This design is modeled on the images you see to the left which are the works of Erte' and Paul Cezanne.

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