SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Montserrat Splash Art Glass Award
Montserrat Splash
Item No. 1987

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This version of Montserrat still incorporates the opaque with transparent magma and black basalt fleck tones of our original design.

Glowing red lava is ejected from a spatter cone and flows to the ocean producing enormous plumes of steam.

The white fleck tones incorporated in this design represent the explosive event when the lava first comes in contact with water.

Spatter is formed when molten lava with the consistency
of hot taffy is ejected from a volcanic vent.

These magma fountains are created when explosive gasses tear the liquid rock into irregular gobs that are blown out of the vent.

Spatter is typically found in volcanoes with highly fluid magma, such as those in the Hawaiian Islands.

In our next iteration of glass magma we will be replacing the white fleck tones with bright yellow citrine glass.

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