SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Snow Flurry Art Glass Award
Snow Flurry
Item No. 1993

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In order to create the image of snow blowing across a frozen landscape we feathered the white and blue snow elements onto a gather of clear molten glass.

We then drag the combination across a steel marver which blends and stretches the colors across one another.

The result is an image of blowing snow that twists around the exterior wall and spirals to a common point in the center of the bowls interior.

Blizzards are characterized by high sustained winds and heavy blowing snow.

Our blizzard combines ice blue translucent glass chips with snow white opaque glass powder.

The colored glass is laid down in a pattern and picked up evenly around the molten gather of clear.

We carefully marver the two colors into the blowing snow effect then blow a glass bubble.

When we achieve the desired size we collapse the bubble into itself producing a uniform and perfectly smooth double walled bowl.

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