SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Montserrat Splash Art Glass Award
Montserrat Splash
Item No. 1997

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This version of Montserrat changes the composition of our magma by removing the black basalt and white steam fleck tones of the original design.

The technique requires stretching and fusing the colors across a clear molten substrate, then removing the molten mass for an off axis pickup onto another blow pipe.

This creates layers of colored and clear glass that are woven in three dimensions within the vase wall.

The impression is that of glowing red and yellow molten rock being ejected from a spatter cone which then flows through a winding network of lava tubes.

Spatter is typically found in volcanoes with highly fluid magma, such as those in the Hawaiian Islands.

The surface of these flows cools into hard rock chambers and tubes which retain heat allowing the magma to continue its journey.

When the flows recede these extensive networks remain intact providing habitat for plants and animals.

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