SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Emerald Mist Art Glass Award
Emerald Mist
Item No. 2002

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Emerald opaque and transparent glass are fused over a molten gather of white.

The fused glass is then sheared down the middle and enveloped in crystal clear casing glass.

This collection of molten glass is twisted and stretched which softens the blended color elements.

The result is an emerald mist one might experience hiking the glades and waterfalls of the Pacific Northwest.

Whitehorse Falls on the north Umpqua river is one favorite example.

The falls descend into a pool of clear water surrounded by old growth forest and streams.

The air is densely saturated by the action of the falls and snow melt which cascades over boulders upstream.

Dense moss covers the rocks surrounding this cool retreat where temperatures drop fifteen degrees as you descend into the glade.

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