SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Rondelle Shadow Box Art Glass Award
Rondelle Shadow Box
Item No. 2007

Price Options:

The Rondelle Shadow Box is a completely enclosed preservation mount available for any Rondelle up to eighteen (18")inches in diameter.

This is by far the most impressive display we offer and the best choice for high level prestige recognition.

The enclosed shadow box is cherry wood finished and the price includes engraving on the brass satin plate inside.

Note: the cost of your shadow box needs to be added to the cost of the Rondelle. Engraving is included in the price when ordered together.

When ordering your Shadow Box, please match the size
of the display to your Rondelle using the following table:

10" Rondelle - 12"x16" Shadow Box
12" Rondelle - 16"x20" Shadow Box
14" Rondelle - 16"x20" Shadow Box
16" Rondelle - 24"x36" Shadow Box
18" Rondelle - 24"x36" Shadow Box

Note: the 14" Rondelle is made slightly undersized to fit into the 16"x20" dimension. If you prefer a full sized Rondelle please order the next size up shadow box.

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