SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Neptune Art Glass Award
Item No. 2015

Price Options:

These designs can be personalized with logos and text.

We will also blow them in the colors of your organization at no additional charge.

The rare earth metals used to produce our planet series were created inside a star.

When stars burn their hydrogen, every element found on Earth is produced as a byproduct.

These elements are then distributed throughout the cosmos during explosive super novas.

Eventually they coalesce into planets where we refine them at 2,300 degrees to produce colored glass.

Neptune, the sea god of Roman mythology, has deep
blue gas clouds that looked like great oceans to early astronomers.

The planet's jet-stream pushes frozen clouds of natural gas to nearly 1,500 miles per hour which has puzzled scientists because Neptune receives only one nine hundredth the sunlight that reaches Earth.

Neptune was first discovered by mathematical prediction which was later confirmed by telescope within 1 degree of its predicted location in 1846.

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