SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Jade Illumen Art Glass Award
Jade Illumen
Item No. 2062

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This design is created by manipulating layers of clear, sky blue and jade colored glass.

A transparent thread of molten sky blue glass is trailed onto a gather of heat fused jade opaque powder while turning continuously.

The design is then cased in crystal clear glass for visual depth and to impart refractive qualities to the finished piece.

The light gathering qualities of this design offer a natural luminosity for enhanced color saturation and visual impact.

When exposed to light the Jade Illumen glows creating a mystic environment wherever it's displayed.

Fluorescence is an optical phenomenon in which the molecular absorption of a photon triggers the emission
of a photon.

Ninety percent of ocean creatures fluoresce. When a plankton senses a predator it fluoresces attracting larger predators which consume the would-be predator.

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